Christian Counceling

It is the hope of the Charlotte Church of Christ that all of your spiritual needs can be met through its offerings of programs and services. It is understood that God Himself ministers to the sick, and His divine presence rests upon the patient's bed.  It is important for us all to remember that we are not the only ones ministering to those troubled and suffering. God is also with them in the midst of their trials and tribulations.

At times those needs are very private and specific and to be met there must be individual attention given.  Part of our approach to meet those needs is to employ a ministerial staff who can work with your schedule to meet with you and address your personal needs.  In an effort to avoid any misunderstandings and to set reasonable expectations the leadership of the congregation has drafted the following policy to serve as guidelines in providing adequate care to you.


The staff of the Charlotte Church of Christ is here to serve God by ministering to the needs of the congregation and any who would come seeking help from God’s Church.  Membership Care and Christian Counseling is a key component of our ministry and the work of our ministers, we work with individuals and households to bring the most effective care to them.  You may request a consult with any of the ministerial staff in which a determination can be made as to what avenue might be the best approach.  The staff is trained to offer any of the following:

· Grief & Loss · Stress
· Death & Dying · Adolescence
· Caring for Aging Parents · Burnout & Depression
· Suffering · Some Conflict Resolution
· Ethics · Issues of Prejudice
· Coaching & Guidance · Relationship Coaching
· Teaching on Spiritual Subjects · Pre-Marital Counseling
· Spiritual Formation/Faith Development · Divorce

At times your needs may be outside of the ministerial staff’s expertise or capabilities.  The following list is comprised of such issues but not limited to those listed:

· Therapeutic/remedial care

· Clinical help

· Addiction care

· Some mediation

· Financial advice

· Legal counsel

If your need is of this type the church still wants to assist you.  To do so the staff will have a list of professionals to which you may be referred.