Hearts Groups

We would encourage you to ask about our small group bible studies that happen a various times and location, usually in someone's home.  We call these studies HEARTS groups (Home, Encouragement, Accountability, Relationships, Teaching, and Service) because they are much more than just a study group.

We feel that the HEARTS groups are the best way to develop genuine relationships and become connected to the church family.   HEARTS groups meet together on a regular basis in homes, at the church building or at restaurants. The format is open and flexible and you can relax in the knowledge that everyone's at different stages spiritually.   No matter how little or how much you know about the Bible, you can enjoy and grow with one of our HEARTS groups. 

When you are part of a HEARTS group, you have the unique opportunity to live out life alongside other Christians.  You can share in the ups and downs of each others' lives, supporting and challenging each other as Christ would have us do.

HEARTS groups are foremost an avenue that allows you to grow closer to Christ.  It is always about Jesus and will always be about Jesus.  By sharing in a HEARTS group you will place yourself in an environment where living for Jesus is developed as you share in fellowship, encouragement, accountability, relationship, teaching, and service opportunities with other Christian members of the Charlotte Church of Christ community.


Day Time Location Target Audience Contact
Tuesday 7AM Church building
64 Van Sickle Drive
Charlotte, MI 48813
Adult Males Sam Cross
Tuesday 9AM 1471 W. Kalamo Hwy
Ladies Diane Mayes
(517) 543-0383
Tuesday 6PM 3292 Daryl's Way
Young Families* Brian & Jackie Lautzenheiser
(517) 896-7450
Tuesday 6:30PM 2810 N. Stine Road
Everyone Dave & Lori Walton
(517) 316-6152
Wednesday 7PM 954 Emerald Road
Adults Doug Lautzenheiser
(517) 881-9862
Wednesday 12PM Flapjacks
1601 Waverly Road
Ladies Lori Walton
(517) 316-6152
Wednesday 6:30PM Inspired Holdings
Everyone* Dave Walton
(517) 316-6152

*Childcare Available

If you have any questions, contact Brian Lautzenheiser or Jared Gates by emailing them at HEARTSgroups@charlottechurch.org